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Our Company

Envitecpolis provides counting and professional services to food chain operators to support their decision-making in energy, economic and environmental areas.


customers in the biogas investment process


biogas investments completed


solar starts made for farms

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carbon calculations made for farms


farm profit financial calculations

Realize the impact

Accompanying you in decision-making
Real solutions
We are in the forefront
From field to plate and back into circulation

From field to plate and back into circulation

We are involved as an expert from the very beginning when food rises from the soil and moves on to the plate, and all the way until it eventually travels through the biowaste container and waste disposal further into circulation. We have been serving operators throughout the food chain from primary production to food production and biowaste treatment for many years. We understand the demands and expectations of the various players in the chain. Our vision will allow us to work together to build a food chain as sustainable as possible.

Accompanying you in decision-making

Decisions are difficult to make if their impact on the economy, or the enviromental footprint like carbon footprint are not known in detail. As professionals in calculated knowledge, we are there for you in decision-making. With our help, you can make decisions based on accurate and up to date knowledge to improve your profitability and promote your sustainability. We walk alongside you all the way from determing your goals up to communicating the results publicly.

We are in the forefront

We have over a decade of experince in implementing assessments for various food chain operators. Our long journey has been fuelled by our pioneering attitude and our ability to identify emerging opportunities when they are only barely noticeable, and by believing in them when others are still doubtful. After seeing an opportunity, we start to innovate and develop it with determination and resolve. Not all ideas take the wind right away - some never - but many ideas have become something genuinely significant. Biogas plant projects and carbon footprint assessments are examples of sectors that we have been building and pushing forward since their early stages in Finland. We work in the forefront, clearing paths to to make it easier for all of us to move forward.

The right solutions

We always act with the customer's best interest in mind. For us, this means being honest with you, the society and with ourselves. Our great mission is to help develop the sustainability throughout the food chain, and for us the end result does not justify the means. Promoting sustainability must always be a financially viable choice for you. We provide unbiased information and recommend, for example, to make a new investment only if it clearly supports your strategic objectives. Whether your business or farm is small or large, we will find the right solution for you.

Blinding Diamonds

Our values


Bold resolve

Brutally honest with ourselves and others

Innovative pioneering


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