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Envitecpolis Oy's preliminary study result: A biogas plant to be built in Ranua

Construction of the Pohjois-Suomen Biokaasu Oy biogas plant is about to start.

Construction of a biogas plant in Ranua will begin in the summer of 2024. The investment decision was made by the board of Pohjois-Suomen Biokaasu Oy on Thursday, April 11. The Ministry of the Environment granted a subsidy covering 65 percent of the approved costs, up to a maximum of 4.1 million euros. This was reported on the Business Ranua website.

Pohjois-Suomen Biokaasu Oy is a company owned by 21 farms, aimed at producing transportation biogas by digesting slurry and surplus feed. The owning farms are in Ranua, Pudasjärvi, and Simo. The plant will be the largest biogas plant owned by farmers in the country.

With the biogas plant, farms can reduce their energy bills and fertilization costs. Envitecpolis, which conducted the preliminary study, successfully concluded its work that began in 2022 with the investment grant decision from the Ministry of the Environment.

The plant still requires environmental and building permits.

Mika and Jan-Erik Impiö from Pohjois-Suomen Biokaasu Oy shows the construction area.

The biogas plant increases regional energy self-sufficiency and strengthens the local economy

The biogas plant investment will circulate money within the local economy, particularly benefiting the agriculture and forestry sectors. Additional income will come especially from the ticket trading of transportation biogas.

Transportation biogas from Ranua will be available as early as the summer of 2025. The plant's gas production will be 7,000 MWh per year, equivalent to approximately 600,000 liters of diesel.

Later, a second line will be constructed at the plant to produce gas from Ranua's sewage sludge. Currently, Ranua's sewage sludge is composted.

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