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EnvitecVision allows food companies to scale up while obtaining precise information about its primary production.

Since we started implementing on-farm environmental assessments for our food company clients, such as carbon footprint calculations and biodiversity assessments, the issue of scaling calculations to a large number of farms has become apparent. From this need, in collaboration with our clients, we have developed EnvitecVision. EnvitecVision is a platform that adapts to our clients' diverse farm level data needs while maintaining the accuracy of the assessments at an adequate level, for example, for setting Science Based Targets or for carbon footprint labeling on product packaging.

EnvitecVision is the result of several years of development, carried out in collaboration with our food company clients and by listening to their needs. The focus has been on scaling on-farm carbon calculations to a large number of farms—hundreds or even thousands— but the platform is also suitable for collecting and processing other farm level data, thus it can be customized to various needs.

The importance of sustainability in the food chain has only increased in recent years, and food companies require more precise, diverse, and methodologically accurate data about their primary production. EnvitecVision provides a good solution to this, says Senja Arffman, Envitecpolis' Senior Advisor in Environmental Assesments.


Currently, needs are changing rapidly and vary from one customer to another, which is why we wanted to make EnvitecVision very agile. It has been great to see how well our flexible platform, tailored to customer needs, has been able to solve our customers' various needs quite comprehensively, adds Anssi Lammila, EnvitecVision's Senior Advisor.

With EnvitecVision, farm level data can be collected and reported according to the company's needs, for example, as weighted averages, distributions, and variations. This allows the company to access the information it wants and needs for its sustainability work and communication.

It all starts with cooperation with the farmer.

Successful collection of farm level data requires cooperation with farms. This is Envitecpolis' absolute strength, as we work with farmers daily. With 16 years of experience, this has provided a strong foundation for creating a platform that is easy for farmers to use and understand. It is important to keep the farmer's role in mind when implementing data collection.

-It is important that the farmer also feels they are getting added value from using EnvitecVision. Although the need for data has arisen from the food companies, it is the farmer who spends their time and shares data about their farm's operations and production with the food company, Anssi emphasizes.

This has been considered both in the development of EnvitecVision and in planning data collection together with our clients. It is important to us that the farmer feels their time and data are valued and valuable.

Easy to use and logical data collection have also been aided by our extensive experience in manually conducting assessments and collecting data. Currently, our company has conducted over 2,000 farm-specific greenhouse gas assessments and over 250 farm level biodiversity assessments. In these implementations, we have utilized the world's most widely used on-farm environmental assessment tool, the Cool Farm Tool.

-Collaboration with the Cool Farm Alliance provides us with the latest global knowledge of sustainability in the food chain. This way, we can help our customers in the global markets. As a member of the Alliance, we continue our cooperation and utilize their Cool Farm Tool behind EnvitecVision, Senja explains.

Extensive experience in the background.

The groundwork for building EnvitecVision was set several years ago, and it has already been in use by our key clients for some time, with positive experiences. We are no longer at the pilot stage; we have a functioning, ready-to-use tool. Therefore, now is the right time to introduce EnvitecVision more widely.

-We know it works, it is easy to use, and it provides an excellent platform to food companies for farm level data collection, calculations, and reporting needs. I look forward to the next demands that we can meet with it, concludes Anssi.

EnvitecVision is a digital platform developed by Envitecpolis Ltd for conducting on-farm environmental assessments, such as carbon footprint calculations, as well as for farm- and food company level performance for reporting, management and analyzing data. EnvitecVision enables high-quality data collection from a large number of farms without compromising the accuracy of the calculations. The accuracy of the calculations is sufficient for communication by food companies, calculating product-specific carbon footprints, or setting and monitoring The Science Based Targets (SBTs).

For further information:

Anssi Lammila, Envitecpolis Oy, Senior Advisor, EnvitecVision

Senja Arffman, Envitecpolis Oy, Senior Advisor, Environmental Assessments


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