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Biogas Services
We offer our support and assistance for all the stages of the investment process of a biogas plant and solar (PV = photovoltaic) system.


We have long-term experience and know-how in reviewing the profitability of biogas plant investments and solar (PV) systems, as well as in the application processes for permits and investment subsidies. Our customers are individual farms, farm groups and the food industry. 

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Hannu Karhunen

expert, sales of biogas and farm services

+358 40 742 5738


Biogas Services 

  • Feasibility study 

  • Setting up a working group for investment planning 

  • Refinement of the operating model and competitive tendering of technology options 

  • Refinement of profitability calculations 

  • Founding a local biogas company and drawing up a business plan 

  • Management coaching and consulting as well as strategic business planning 

  • Design of business models between different parties, whilst taking into account available subsidy and market mechanisms 

  • Market surveys (energy, fertilising products) 

  • Contract negotiations (feedstocks, energy, fertilising products) 

  • Investment subsidy applications 

  • Environmental and building permits as needed 

  • Financing negotiations and calculations 

  • Logistics modeling and optimization 

  • The needed steps, notifications and documents related to the commissioning of the finished biogas plant 

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