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Assesment Services
We help companies in the food chain take their very first steps in environmental assessments all the way up to the implementing of large scale environmental assessments.

Our customers are individual farms or operators in the food industry, so we are able to carry out the reviews with high quality for the entire value chain. Our calculations are based on LCA standards, Product Environmental Footprint guidelines and GHG protocols. 

Take contact!

Mikko Soininen
Head of Export Operations
+358 (0) 40 708 0393


  • GHG Assesments 

    • GHG Assessments for farms 

    • GHG Assessments for food industry 

      • GHG modeling for processing and carbon footprint calculations for products 

      • Calculation for the entire value chain 

  • Water footprint Assessments for farms 

  • Biodiverstity Assessments for farms 

  • Sustainability services 

    • Sustainability evaluation 

    • Building a sustainability system 

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