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A platform for food companies to implement farm-specific environmental assessments, reporting, and data management, as well as company-level reporting.


We provide detailed information for our customers, including financial and investment profitability calculations, as well as various environmental assessments, such as looking at the carbon footprint or biodiversity. As a pioneer in the field, in our 15-year story we have had more time to make such assessments than any other company in Finland.

To Whom?

From small farms to large food chain operators, from field to table and back into circulation: We have helped operators of different sizes and at different stages of the food chain to promote their sustainability hand in hand with profitability. We take pride in finding the right solutions for each of our customers and help them reach a decision.


Our mission is to help the entire food chain improve its sustainability and together build a more responsible future. We do it with respect and by listening, combining sustainable and economic realities, always with the best of your business in mind. Honestly and uncompromisingly - standing by your side as a partner.
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The most sustainable food chain in the world


Help improving the food chain sustainability




We offer our support and assistance for all the stages of the investment process of a biogas plant and solar (PV = photovoltaic) system. 



We offer production economy and management calculation services for farms.

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We help companies in the food chain take their very first steps in environmental assessments all the way up to the implementing of large scale environmental assessments. 


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